Annica Kristoffersson


Annica Kristoffersson obtained a MSc degree in Media Technology and Engineering (Civilingenjör i Medieteknik) from Linköpings Tekniska Högskola (Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden) in 2005. She obtained her Ph.D degree in Information Technology from Örebro University (Örebro, Sweden) in 2013. During the Ph.D., she focused on measuring the quality of interaction in mobile robotic telepresence systems. She has been involved in managing a number of national and international projects within the area of technology for prolonged independent living. Her research interests span across human computer interaction (HCI), human machine interaction (HMI) and human robot interaction (HRI) with particular focus on evaluating of how applications developed to support independent living during the ageing process can support elderly and other involved stakeholders.