Amy Loutfi

Amy Loutfi

Head of the MPI Lab, Professor


Amy Loutfi is a Professor in Information Technology at Örebro University and leads the research group – AASS Machine Perception and Interaction Lab. Amy is also active in the programme management group for Wallenberg Autonomous Sensor Systems Programme in the AI branch. Amy Loutfi received her Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2006 with a research topic in machine perception. Specifically, she researched about how gas sensors could be integrated onto robotic platforms and how these robots can interact with humans in order to solve a range of problems that required sensing and perception. She has since broadened her research interests to include general research directions within machine perception, where AI methods like Machine learning are used for the interpretation of sensor data. She also has broadened her research in the area of Human Robot Interaction where she has studied HRI in various platforms that include fully autonomous robots, but also teleoperated robots. She has a long experience working with industry and the public sector on research projects dealing with AI, robotics and human-robot interaction.

Additionally, Amy has worked with a strong engagement in strategic issues in AI for all of Sweden. In addition to her role in WASP-AI, she is involved in AI Sweden, AI competence of Sweden,  Omstartskommissionen och regeringens samverkansprogram on digitalisation. She carries out these strategic activities within her role as pro-vice-chancellor for AI at Örebro University.

In 2020, Amy was elected as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

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