MoveCare integrates an existing robotic platform with a domotic system, smart objects, a virtual community and an activity center, to provide, through artificial intelligence, assistance, activities and transparent monitoring to the elder at home. MoveCare can be tailored to each elder thanks to a modular design. It is completely unobtrusive as MoveCare does not require the elder to wear any particular device.


Impact and expected results
  • Transform the third age into an active period of life increasing inclusion inside the society.
  • Tighten the bonds between elders and their social circle: relatives and other peers.
  • Reinforce leadership and innovation capability of the industry in the area of Ambient Assisted Living.
  • Better allocate resources from National Service Providers, with more effective and continuous care.
  • Nurture elders empowerment to support changes in personal behaviour and attitude to improve lifestyle and become better equipped to face third age challenges.
  • Improve key industrial sectors like Domotics, Internet of Things, Robotics, Exer-gaming and Virtual Communities.
  • Contribute to develop new care models to monitor and assist the elder at home for prolonged time, seamless connected to public services.
  • Explore integration of robotics and gamification into an Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) setting.
  • Use the multi-actor system of MOVECARE to develop and understand of new metrics that characterise the operation of multiple-actor systems.


MoveCare is a project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Framework.
Programme H2020-ICT-26b-2016 System abilities, development and pilot installations.

Project webpage: