MPI and Pepper at “Live at Heart”

MPI and the robot Pepper were at the Festival “Live at Heart”, Örebro’s biggest music festival. More information can be found (in Swedish) on Örebro University website:

MPI at IJCAI 2017

Michael Sioutis presented the article “Towards a Synergy of Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning and Smart Environments for Assisting the Elderly at Home” (pdf) during the Qualitative Reasoning Workshop (QR2017) held at IJCAI 2017. He and Mehul Bhatt also attended the IJCAI conference.

Take Back the Night in the regional news

The project Take Back the Night, lead by Franziska Klügl in the MPI team, got its press release today! The aim of this project is to improve users’ basic impression of being safe while walking around the Örebro University campus at night. An android application has been developed that shows in real-time the amount of persons in different locations of the campus. Check the ORU webpage for more information and the SVT regional news. To download the app, look in the Swedish Play Store for “Feeling safe @ ORU campus”.


New MPI Lab Website

Today, we got our new domain name delegated and started feeling our lab pages! Hooray! Thanks to Debian, ISPConfig and WordPress, we got our empty pages up and running in a matter of minutes!