Keynote by Prof. Mehul Bhatt at SoAIR 2019

KEYNOTE By Prof. Mehul Bhatt at: “Social and Artificial Intelligence for User-Friendly Robots” (SoAIR 2019)

17-24 March, 2019, Shonan Village, Japan  — SoAIR 2019 follows the Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2019) conference near South Korea. — Information:

The SoAIR 2019 school aims at bridging the gap between social and cognitive Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) through high level talks, tutorials, and hands-on workshops. The school addresses the tension created by the balance between task-specific artificial intelligence and the demands of sociability required to function effectively in human-centered environments.

Credit:  Technical Education Program (TEP) endorsed and supported by JST-CREST / IEEE-RAS.

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