IJCAI 2019 Distinguished Paper Nomination / Visual Intelligence for Autonomous Driving

IJCAI 2019 shortlisted three distinguished papers from its overall 850 accepted publications. We are delighted to announce that our research publication in the area of human-centred visual intelligence for autonomous vehicles is one of the three papers shortlisted. We received the honourable mention and are proud to have received this peer recognition!


The published research advances human-centred AI principles in the backdrop of the autonomous driving application domain. From a technical viewpoint, the research provides a model for the systematic integration of Vision and AI methods, particularly focussing on advancing the state of the art in reasoning about space and motion, combining reasoning and learning, non-monotonic reasoning, and computational cognitive modelling of high-level visuospatial intelligence. 

The publication under consideration is a result of ongoing collaborative research on Cognitive Vision (www) involving researchers from Örebro (Prof. Mehul Bhatt), Bremen (Jakob Suchan), and New Delhi (Srikrishna Vardarajan). The research is part of a broader and emerging line of work bringing together a novel and unique combination of methodologies from Artificial Intelligence, Vision and Machine Learning, Cognitive Science and Psychology, Visual Perception, and Spatial Cognition and Computation.


Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind: An Answer Set Programming Based Online Abduction Framework for Visual Sensemaking in Autonomous Driving.

Co-authors: Jakob Suchan, Mehul Bhatt, Srikrishna Varadarajan

Download: DOI – PDF  /  ResearchGatePDF 


IJCAI -the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence- is one of the largest and most important conferences in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In its 28th edition, IJCAI 2019 is held in Macao, China, during 10-16 August. IJCAI 2019 conference chairs: Thomas Eiter and Sarit Kraus., https://ijcai19.org

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