• Invited Talk @MIRAI Workshop

    Neziha Akalin delivered an invited talk on “Peceived Safety in Human-Robot Interaction” at a workshop within MIRAI 2.0 – “AI applied to medicine and health” on October 28. More information about the workshop can be found here: Workshops 2021 | Mirai MIRAI 2.0 is a STINT funded project aiming to connect Swedish and Japanese researchers. In total, 19 Swedish and…

  • Our Research featured in MIT Technology Review

    Our latest work has been featured in MIT Technology Review! “DNA Molecular Storage System: Transferring Digitally Encoded Information through Bacterial Nanonetworks” is the result of a collaboration between Örebro University, University of Padua, Waterford Institute of Technology, and Tampere University of Technology. Find the full article on this page: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610071/storing-data-in-dna-is-a-lot-easier-than-getting-it-back-out/